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Dynamic retargeting, perfectly tailored to your online store offers an efficient and simple solution to the three most significant challenges in e-commerce: identifying purchase dropouts, attracting new customers and increasing customer loyalty. Our solution comes bundled in one powerful, user-friendly plugin, available for many popular store systems.


These are the benefits that the plugin offers to webshop owners:

Identifying shopping cart abandoners

The average conversion rate for online stores is 3 percent. This means that around 97 percent of visitors leave an online store without completing a purchase. In very few cases this boils down to a lack of interest in the products viewed.

Hence the key question is how you as a store owner can identify these shopping cart abandoners and bring them back to your webshop. The plugin provides the optimal solution: Visitors are tagged and classified through retargeting pixels while they are viewing products in your store respectively whilst they add them to their shopping cart. If they leave your store without making a purchase, their interest in buying is triggered again by online banners on external websites.

The result: shopping cart abandoners are converted into buyers in no time through smart retargeting!

Acquiring new customers through targeted retargeting.

Many online store owners face the great challenge of having to attract new customers with relatively small financial budgets. Perhaps you have already noticed that although the number of visitors to your store is continuously increasing, your purchases are stagnating. At the same time, a higher investment in online marketing measures means that the cost of acquiring a new customer quickly eats up your entire product margin.

This dilemma is solved by the plugin: Instead of attracting more and more new visitors to your store, it analyzes your visitors and guides them to complete their purchase through targeted, interest-based retargeting. Divergence losses, as you know them from classic campaigns, are almost completely eliminated. Instead, personalized banner ads address your potential customers at exactly the right time, in the right place, and on the right device. The buying intent is triggered and you gain new customers with a minimal advertising budget. And on top of this, the process is constantly optimized by our machine learning algorithm.

Customer loyalty through target group insights

Customer loyalty is the supreme goal in e-commerce. Even if you run a user-friendly store with many attractive products, this is no guarantee for sustainable customer loyalty. Competition is fierce in most industries, and your competitors will be continuously trying to steal your customers through marketing.

Make it as hard as possible for your competitors: The plugin gets to know your target group better and all of that happens in far shorter time than it is the case with traditional marketing measures such as newsletter campaigns or simple social media ads. Visitors are classified by according to their user behavior on your online store. This way, our technology knows which products your target group is really interested in and distributes retargeting ads to them on external websites.

This doesn’t only mean that customers will keep coming back to your online store, but it also has a positive effect on your brand, because your brand now accompanies the user on his journey through the web.

Time and cost efficiency through fully automated ad processing.

Advertising products and offers, e.g. via display ads or via social media channels, are amongst the most widespread marketing measures in e-commerce. However, the effort behind it is usually massive: online ads have to be graphically designed and adapted to different formats and end user devices, campaigns have to be planned and budget strategies continuously optimized. Not seldomly, this is a full-time job or has to be handled by an external service provider.

This is completely different with the plugin: From the creation of attractive, personalized banner ads to the planning of campaigns and the ongoing optimization of the ad budget, our technology takes over all steps along the ad process. As a store owner, all you need to do is set your daily budget - everything else will be handled by the data center, where machine learning algorithms ensure that your budget is used as efficiently as possible.

Easy plugin installation without programming knowledge

Many online store owners are not able to set up dynamic retargeting in their own online store without the help of external support. Tasks such as placement of retargeting pixels in the online store or the configuration of ad accounts are critical to success. The same applies to tracking tools that analyze user behavior. In most cases, a mix of different tools is then necessary to target purchase dropouts via retargeting on external websites.

In contrast, the plugin is installed and ready to go within a few minutes. Since many retargeting processes are controlled and optimized by artificial intelligence, no complex plugin configuration is necessary. Moreover, with the activation of the plugin, the retargeting pixel is automatically placed on all relevant pages of your online store.

GDPR compliant dynamic retargeting

Since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), online store owners have to pay close attention to how they track their visitors. The basic prerequisite for all tools, including, is the user's consent to the analytical measures of the online store as well as the mandatory addition of data protection provisions accompanying the mechanisms used.

As a store operator, you can determine precisely whether should track your store visitors through cookie consent tools such as Consentmanager, Usercentrics or Cookiebot, as well as many other cookie solutions offered by store system providers. If a user does not agree to the use of cookies, he will not be tracked by the plugin and thus, of course, will not be served ads.

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