Knowledge Base: Dynamic Retargeting

Dynamic retargeting - explained in layman’s terms

Dynamic retargeting is a complex process and includes the processing of user information, the creation and the targeted placement of personalized ads via so called ad networks. Sounds complicated? We'll explain it to you - step by step.


Compact knowledge about dynamic retargeting:

How dynamic retargeting works

You've probably already experienced the following scenario: You are looking at a product in some online store - let's say you are interested in the latest sneaker from a major fashion brand. Like about 97% of average web visitors you decide to leave the online store without making a purchase. Maybe you want to look at other offers on the internet or stop by your local sneaker dealer.

A short time later, on your journey through the web, you repeatedly encounter banner ads for exactly the sneaker you were looking at in the online store. Even in exactly the color and size you need and now at a special price. After you've seen the ad on a few websites, such as news sites or your favorite blogs, you click on it and end up back in the online store. After all, you want the sneaker - and you haven't seen a better offer yet. So you add the sneaker to your shopping cart, check out, and complete the purchase.

Exactly this process described above is called dynamic retargeting. In layman’s terms this refers to the placement of personalized advertising banners on external websites to retrieve shopping cart abandoners. Technically, this works in such a way that a cookie is set in the user's web browser via retargeting pixels that are built into the HTML code of the web store as soon as the user visits the online store. This cookie then collects information about user behavior on the store. Based on this information, personalized ads can be created and served on external websites via more than 30 ad networks.

By the way, the plugin takes care of all the above steps for you automatically and optimizes your retargeting campaigns using machine learning algorithms.


Why dynamic retargeting is particularly effective


Dynamic retargeting offers online store operators decisive advantages: On the one hand, you don't have to have advertising banners created by graphic designers or agencies in advance, since the ads are generated automatically based on your products.

On the other hand, the content of the ads is precisely targeted to the interests of your website visitors. This can increase your conversion rate, meaning the ratio between online store visits and purchases, by a whopping 400%. After all, around 97% of visitors leave your website without buying anything directly. Through dynamic retargeting, you can

✔️Rediscover potential customers on the internet
✔️Target website visitors with products they have viewed multiple times
✔️Generate sales from abandoned shopping carts
✔️Minimize non-converting traffic from your advertising campaigns

Moreover, if you use plugin, you don't need to worry about creating retargeting campaigns, signing up and verifying with ad networks and engaging in continuous budget optimization. Just set your daily budget and watch your sales grow in our data dashboard!

This is why dynamic retargeting is suitable for every online store owner

You might have thought that dynamic retargeting is only for the really big online shops - after all, they have the marketing budget and the experts to do it. You weren't wrong - until the plugin was invented.

Indeed, dynamic retargeting is a complex topic - if you have to take care of every single step, from setting the pixel for your online store over creating online banners to campaign optimization, yourself.

However, if all you have to do is install a plugin in the backend of your online store, that can be set up in just a few steps and without any programming knowledge, then even as a small retailer or e-commerce newcomer you can start using dynamic retargeting today and appear just as professional in terms of advertising as the big players.

The amount of your daily budget does not matter for the time being. If you use, for example, $5 a day and thereby generate additional sales in x times the amount, you can simply scale up your budget little by little.


When dynamic retargeting is GDPR compliant


The GDPR does not prohibit retargeting ads. However, you should make sure that you inform the visitors of your online store that you use retargeting pixels and cookies on your website.

You can easily do this using a cookie consent layer like Consentmanager, Usercentrics or Cookiebot, which you have probably seen many times on other websites and stores. It is important that the visitor agrees to the use of cookies. You should also include a note in the privacy policy of your online store.

By the way, our interface is compatible with cookie consent tools such as Consentmanager, Usercentrics or Cookiebot as well as cookie solutions offered by store system providers. If a store visitor does not accept cookies, he will not be tracked via the plugin and thus, of course, will not be served ads.

Placement of ads in dynamic retargeting

With dynamic retargeting, ads are served across different ad networks. These networks, Sell Side Platforms (SSPs) as well as Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) are connected to and provide ad space on external websites.

Personalized retargeting ads can be placed in topic and product relevant environments through these ad networks. So if you are interested in sneakers, you may e.g. visit a sneaker blog before making a purchase. Ideally, retargeting ads of a sneaker online store are placed exactly there.

The selection and optimization of ad environments is actually one of the most time-consuming tasks in dynamic retargeting. With the help of plugin, on the other hand, this process is automated and continuously optimized through machine learning algorithms.


Convinced of dynamic retargeting?

Then start now with the plugin and increase your conversion rate and your store turnover sustainably! You can test now in a 30 day free trial with full functionality and a $35 ad budget that we have added for you on top!

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