Get purchase dropouts to return to your ePages store

Dynamic retargeting with the plugin for ePages turns visitors into buyers: With personalized online ads - created, displayed and optimized through machine learning algorithms. In just a few clicks, directly from your ePages store. Test now in a 30 day free trial and secure a $35 advertising budget!

  • Personalized display ads are automatically created and displayed
  • Ads and click prices are optimized by self-learning algorithms
  • You can manage your advertising budget directly in ePages
  • Without programming knowledge to the first retargeting campaign
  • Test ePages plugin for free and get 30 Euro ad budget

The core functions of the ePages plugin

Automatic creation of dynamic advertising banners

Optimal use of daily budget

Campaign optimization based on artificial intelligence

Easy integration of the retargeting pixel

Smart use of ads

Ad distribution to over 30 different ad networks

Real-time data in the store backend

ePages and The perfect team for higher conversions and more sales!

ePages is a widely used shop system that is pre-integrated with some web hosts such as 1&1 or HostEurope. Unlike other shop systems, ePages cannot be purchased individually, but is offered directly by the hosts. This makes integrating the e-commerce software particularly user-friendly, because the store system can usually be activated with just a few clicks in the host's admin panel.

ePages offers a variety of design templates, a practical drag-and-drop editor, SEO functions, an AppStore with already over 60 connections. On top, it is optimized for mobile devices.

Regardless of whether you have just started your own ePages store or are already a power user - the app brings your visitors back, even if they have already left your store. Through personalized and automatically displayed retargeting ads, we address your potential customers on external sites and remind them of your products. As a result, they return to your online store and complete the purchase.

With the app for ePages you can significantly increase your conversion rate and bring your online store sales to the next level.


These store owners rely on

Learn more about and dynamic retargeting

The technology behind

Our ePages plugin masters the complex retargeting process fully automatically - with the help of machine learning algorithms.

What is dynamic retargeting?

New to online advertising? No problem, we'll explain what dynamic retargeting is all about and what it can do for you.

These are the ad networks your ads will be served on.

The plugin places personalized ads on external websites. To do this, we draw on over 30 ad networks.

The first ads are on us - test the plugin for ePages without any obligation

Dynamic retargeting, directly from your ePages store? Bringing back shopping cart abandoners and significantly increasing sales? That sounds promising. It is - and you can convince yourself of it in a 30 day free trial. Every new customer also gets an additional $35 ad budget from us.

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