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Cost-effective and efficient retargeting for your online store

With the releva.nz plugin, we have developed the simplest and most cost-effective solution to bring back purchase dropouts to your online store via dynamic retargeting. Our rates adapt to your needs. Try releva.nz plugin now in a 30 day free trial before deciding which of our plans is the right one for you.


Retargeting costs at releva.nz

Overview of our plans

Why investing in dynamic retargeting pays off

You may have noticed that retargeting is one of the most efficient marketing measures in the online sector. The majority of well-known and successful online stores rely on this tool. The advantages for store operators are obvious:

  • Retrieving dropouts is cheaper and more efficient than attracting new visitors
  • Targeted approach to reach customers that are already interested in your store products
  • Ad banners are thus served with almost no divergence losses
  • Shopping cart abandoners are targeted several times on their journey through the web
  • Conversion rate and store sales increase through retargeting
  • Increase brand awareness of your store and reach your target group
  • Retargeting measures are easy to quantify and evaluate

Learn more about releva.nz and dynamic retargeting

The core features of the releva.nz plugin

Using these core features, the releva.nz plugin automates dynamic retargeting for you.

Higher conversion rates, more sales: the benefits of the releva.nz plugin

A solution to the top three challenges in e-commerce: identify shopping cart abandoners, acquire customers, increase customer loyalty.

The development of the releva.nz plugin

An idea born out of practice. The beginning and development of releva GmbH into a successful company.

The technology behind releva.nz

Our plugin masters the complex retargeting process fully automatically - with the help of machine learning algorithms.

What is dynamic retargeting?

New to online advertising? No problem, we'll explain what dynamic retargeting is all about and what it can do for you.

These are the ad networks your ads will be served on.

The releva.nz plugin places personalized ads on external websites. To do this, we draw on over 30 ad networks.

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