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Easy dynamic retargeting for every online store owner

With the help of the plugin, you can target your store visitors wherever they are on the internet and bring them back to your online store. Through personalized online ads - created, displayed and optimized within machine learning algorithms. No matter how big your online store is. Start your first retargeting campaign now, without any programming knowledge.


Discover the core features of the plugin:

Automatic creation of dynamic banner ads

From now on you don't need a graphic designer to create appealing online ads for your products and offers. The plugin takes care of the design for you - fully automated.

Online banners are generated on the basis of your product components, e.g. product name, product image and product price. Of course this happens optimized for different devices and banner formats. In this way, you can specifically remind customers of products they have recently viewed on your online store.


Optimal use of the daily budget


Use your advertising budget as efficiently as the big players in e-commerce - easily and without the costs of retargeting agencies. The plugin allows you to significantly increase your sales even with a small budget.

All you need to do is set a daily budget for the retargeting campaign in your online store backend. Tedious work around determining the best bidding strategy and optimizing click prices is done by the data center. Here, machine learning algorithms ensure that your ad budget is distributed as efficiently as possible and across different banner ad spaces and ad networks.

Campaign optimization based on artificial intelligence

When and where is the right time, place and situation to target your purchase dropouts with online ads? The plugin finds this out for you and even better - it takes a fraction of the time it would take an ad specialist.

The basis for the campaign optimization is data that the plugin collects about your online store visitors. This includes the categories visited, products viewed, shopping carts abandoned, time spent in the online store, the visitor's origin and much more.

Based on this data, a user classification is created in the data center, which is enriched with further information with each delivered ad. A holistic picture of visitor behavior is created. Thus, based on artificial intelligence, the appropriate ads can be displayed at the optimal moment.


Easy integration of retargeting pixels


To perform dynamic retargeting, website visitors must be tagged by retargeting pixels. This ensures that user tracking works correctly. The plugin already takes care of this important step for you during the installation in the online store backend.

This way you can use retargeting without having to write even one line of code or manually place a code snippet in your online store template.

By the way: Our plugin is of course GDPR compliant. You only need your visitors' consent to use tracking tools, e.g. via a cookie consent layer.

Smart use of ads

We all know: online ads can quickly become annoying - especially if they are displayed in the wrong context or too frequently. The plugin analyzes a large amount of user data and quickly learns which ad frequency works best with which target group and on which device.

Besides that, our plugin has another crucial advantage: as soon as a shopping cart abandoner returns to your online store and completes the purchase, he will no longer see ads related to the purchased product. Thus, this fraction of your daily ad budget can immediately be invested in bringing back more shopping cart abandoners.


Ad distribution to over 30 ad networks


Successful retargeting involves not only advertisers, but also providers of ad space. That's exactly what display networks are for. The plugin supports the world's largest networks - in total, we get you listed on over 30 ad networks.

It is this variety of display networks that makes an independent and cost-efficient management of your ad budget possible. Apart from the Google Marketing Platform, works with the Rubicon Project, OpenX, AppNexus and many more. This way, we can guarantee coverage of up to 85% of all advertising spaces in the German-speaking world - including established portals such as Spiegel Online, or

Real-time data in the store backend

As an online store owner, you naturally want to track how well the plugin is working for you. That's why we have developed a data dashboard that you can access directly in your store backend.

Here you can see the number of impressions, purchases generated via and total products sold, campaign costs as well as total revenue and average revenue per sale at a glance. The data is displayed in real time and can be broken down to specific time periods via a calendar function.

If you use our EXPERT plan, you can also perform even more comprehensive data analysis, such as a detailed breakdown by devices, operating systems, locations, timestamps and much more.


The technology behind the plugin

Dynamic retargeting is technically one of the most complex disciplines in online marketing. Not only is it challenging to manage the advertising budget and place ads in environments that are considered appropriate, but the hurdles to get listed on sell-side platforms (so calleds SSPs) are usually high for advertisers.

Smaller online retailers with limited advertising budgets have therefore found it particularly difficult to enter the game of retargeting in the past. With our internally developed technology, that has now changed. The plugin is literally a game changer for many store owners.

Our plugin connects your online store to the most relevant advertising networks, optimizes bidding strategies independently and displays personalized online advertising to purchase dropouts. The data center serves as the central hub, creating the loop between collected visitor data, automatically generated ads and the display networks. It is also constantly improving via machine learning algorithms.


From installation to your first retargeting campaign in just a few steps

The plugin is available for the most popular store systems like Shopware, xt:Commerce, WooCommerce, Gambio (Cloud), JTL-Shop as well as plentyShop and can be downloaded easily via the plugin manager of the respective store system.

To connect to our data center, you also need a account. The registration takes only a few minutes. You will receive an API key, which you simply enter during the plugin installation. Our plugin will automatically add retargeting pixels to all relevant pages of your online store as well.

Finally you just have to set your daily ad budget. Now the plugin starts working, automatically generates product-related online ads and sends them to more than 30 different display networks, where they will be displayed to visitors who have left your website without making a purchase (shopping cart abandoners).

Start your 30-day free trial now and we'll add a $35 ad budget on top.

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